Winter Blues

After my last post I got sick. Oh go figure.

I have been nurturing a cough that scares away people at my work. I did run a few times after my last post, trying to fight being sick. But, it grabbed me and I honestly don’t want to run until it goes away. If I keep going outside while still feeling ill, I don’t think it will pass.

This is when I decide…and lay to rest my judgement about treadmills…should I just run inside to keep myself in marathon shape? Or can I bounce back from this?

There is more than one month until the big day. January 19 is creeping up and I have faith in myself, but don’t I need to consider my body and it’s abilities?

In the last two or three weeks I have only squeezed in one long run. That is substandard to me, to my body. I need more than that.

That is the winter marathon training blues.