Head over heel


Never in my life have ever felt such terrible pain in my heel/Achilles/foot. I have always had slight pain, especially when the back of the heel is pressed. But now I feel the pain everyday even when I am not running.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Also, cool side-note. My index toenail may be falling off due to 26.2 miles of running mainly on the balls of my feet. Yeahhh marathon wounds!


Found this yoga stretch that will hopefully work. I will test it out and report back

Toe Pose viedo


Post marathon freak out

Three miles isn’t anything. But today it was. Today it was a lot of something.

Today was my first day back at running since my marathon almost a month ago. There is no point in denying that I am a runner through and through. It is almost like, as much as I don’t feel like running I can’t help it. And it isn’t that I don’t want to run…it would just be easier not to because I am sooooo busy with school. I am the new sports editor for my school newspaper and I love it but it is a lot of work and time and motivation and exhaustion.

Life might be easier if I didn’t run. But who would I be? Am I still the “me” even without running. I thought I could be. I don’t even understand why I felt like not wanting to run after the marathon. Is this normal for other people?

And have I really been feeling better this passed month from not running? No, I don’t think so. My mood and overall emotional health have dropped incredibly low this month…even after the high of running 26 miles. I didn’t even have time to celebrate and feel the accomplishment because right away I had to start doing homework and going back to school and going back to work. Not cool.

But today! Today I feel like myself again, the amazing part of me. If I can just give myself an hour a day to go out and run I can feel whole again.

Because oh man can I tell you I have gained like ten pounds since my marathon. With lack of exercise comes lack of motivation and lack of willpower to want to eat healthy. I have been shoving my face with anything I laid my eyes on without even caring. Now that is not me.

I am getting back on top again. Back to my regular self. The self that I like to be. I don’t want to be lazy and sit on the couch watch Breaking Bad and eating Skittles. It doesn’t even matter how much i love Skittles, I know that is not the life I want to live forever. That is too easy and I like a challenge everyday.

Moon rise, sun set

Winter sunsets happen at the same time the moon rises over the hills. I had to stop running just to admire how beautiful it was. On one side of me the clouds floated like an ocean dripping crimson. The other side was a bright bulb moon slightly hidden behind a silver veil.

I have been sick, but this past week I have been doing good getting my body back into the groove of things. I was being hard on myself for not running when I was sick, constantly thinking of the miles I was losing, the muscle I was losing.

Now, there is no being afraid of a marathon. I can’t let myself be intimidated anymore. That feeling was good to kick my butt into training, but now the marathon is less than a month away and I am either ready now or not. There is no room for feelings of worry or fear.

On my 7 1/2 mile run the other night I had two brains. One kept telling me I was tired and I could turn around and head back home at every mile. The other brain decided at every mile I could go just a little farther. That second brain won and I felt strong. It was a peaceful run all alone. I pushed my body to charge the hills. And reminded myself not to feel lazy when I ran down them. You ran up the damn thing Susan, you are allowed to run down now!

On this route I always look forward to seeing my favourite tree. Being cooped up in my house for so long I had not noticed all the leaves had fallen off most of the trees. And my favourite tree with half its body orange and its other half red had withered all its colour and leaves as well.

Running in the winter is a lot different than running in the summer. Everything is cold and new challenges are born. Waking up is not as fun and running seems to be more of a job. The only thing that keeps me going right now is passion.

I realized it is not the marathon that keeps me going. I have gotten sick of “training”. I just go running to run and have fun, not because I feel forced to because of the idea of finishing a marathon. That thought could be the death of my love and passion.

Running Hangover

I planned to run 15 miles.

As the hills grew steep I became discouraged and around mile 10 I stopped. I started to question why I was even running.

Now I have to back the story up…

Nic found a route on MapMyRun.com and I chose not to really look at the map, but to just follow him. When the sun set and my body temperature started to drop I got scared that we were going way off course.

It felt like hours ago when he told me what the half-way point was. Did he know where we were going? He told me all the hills were in the beginning, so in the cold and in the dark and after hours of running, when we hit a steep hill of about a quarter-mile long, I panicked.

My mind started questioning and became worried. So my body could only respond by stopping.

I had a choice to make. Either stay stubborn and angry (at him for no reason) in the cold or suck it up and keep running and stay warm. So I ran.

I ran until Nic practically collapsed. His knee gave out at mile 11. We walked a mile, him limping and me helping his arm stay over my shoulder. All of his weight leaning on me.

We got to a coffee shop…yes, yes it was Starbucks…and called my brother to pick us up, three miles from home.

So close, yet so far as the saying goes. Nic said he felt defeated, but sometimes you have to let the pain win. If you always put the pain to the side, it might get worse and take you out for good.

Eleven miles is still something to be proud of, even if the expectations were higher.

After getting warm with coffee and pumpkin scones my brother arrived.

The next day at work I had the most agonizing headache of my life and had to leave early. It felt as if I got punched in the head and stomach with the Iron Hammer from Zelda. I could not decide if I needed coffee or water.

Going from sweating and burning calories to abruptly stopping in the cold with the sweat cooling and the joints locking, made me sick beyond what I have ever felt.

I thought I did everything right. I was constantly drinking water after getting picked up. I took a warm bath and ate a dinner of carbs and protein. I guess after all the options have been used and you thought you did all the right things, you have to suck it up and deal with the bad times.

Pushing the limits

I finally have a training schedule thanks to Nic’s dad who is also running with us. Though, I need to tweak it a little to fit my own schedule a bit better. The whole concept of a training schedule is to pick up miles every week, have one or two long runs in a week and the other days are shorter ones. The shorter ones are meant to not burn you out but keep your endurance and momentum going. There is one rest day and one cross fit day, meaning you do a different exercise besides jogging.

I missed my eight mile run yesterday. I had homework to do before I went to work and I don’t like excuses, but that’s all I got right now.

With the changing of the season, the sky grows dark much earlier. Yesterday I worked from 2-8 p.m. and by the time I got home the sun was gone. Running at night is not my first choice so I just went to the rock climbing gym.

I have found myself in a predicament.

I haven’t been pushing myself to do better. I haven’t been pushing the miles like I should. Nic said the first week of training his knees hurt, then it was his calves, and for the past week his ankles have been the problem. I don’t feel pain like. If I do I am unaware of it because I push through it. But, after he said that to me it got me thinking how I haven’t been sore.

When I was trianing for the half marathon last year I was running everyday and I was running hard. I wan’t logging miles every week. I was barely tracking it when I went out for the day. I just ran and ran and ran. When I was hurting to stop I would just keep running. Take a sip of water, but never stop to walk.

But, the passed few weeks I haven’t had that. That feeling of being sore after a long, hard run. I love that feeling because I know I challenged myself and sweated my little booty off.

I run almost everyday. But I should be running everyday (except maybe one). And I need to be keeping my miles up. I have been waking up early before work or school which has helped keep my miles up for the week. It needs to be more. I know we are always hardest on our self.

This morning I woke up and started hydrating right away (I actually started drinking a lot of water last night before sleep). I toasted sprouted Ezekiel bread with flax (for the protein) and spread almond butter on it. I whipped up a carrot, celery, kale, and pear juice with my amazing home juicer. And I was off.

I started at the bottom of a hill and got off to a fast start. Usually I start off slow, but I figured since I have been noticing myself slacking off with my runs I needed a strong start. Through out the six mile run I would go from running at my normal pace, which is kind of slow at about a ten-minute pace per mile, and then I would sprint. Run as fast as I could for as long as my lungs could handle and then go back to running my normal pace. I kept this going throughout the entire six miles.

After I was done I finally got that feeling. I really can’t describe it quite effectively…except it is me being limitless and boundless. On the road and in life.

I recommend investing in a pedometer. I need to get one so I can be consistent with these sprints during my run. I want to keep track of my time, pace, and miles.

Here weeeeeee go

The earth has not heard me roar for some time.

I ran the Carlsbad half marathon this past January, and now it is time to run a full marathon next January. My lungs are not as full, my legs are not as strong, but my heart is ready to start training again.

Every time I run, in a sense, is training. But running only twice a week will definitely not get me to 26 miles. And neither will waking up at 9 o’clock.

Now that I am documenting my journey towards my first marathon, I can not let myself down, or you who reads this. Then I will really be a lazy bum.