Moon rise, sun set

Winter sunsets happen at the same time the moon rises over the hills. I had to stop running just to admire how beautiful it was. On one side of me the clouds floated like an ocean dripping crimson. The other side was a bright bulb moon slightly hidden behind a silver veil.

I have been sick, but this past week I have been doing good getting my body back into the groove of things. I was being hard on myself for not running when I was sick, constantly thinking of the miles I was losing, the muscle I was losing.

Now, there is no being afraid of a marathon. I can’t let myself be intimidated anymore. That feeling was good to kick my butt into training, but now the marathon is less than a month away and I am either ready now or not. There is no room for feelings of worry or fear.

On my 7 1/2 mile run the other night I had two brains. One kept telling me I was tired and I could turn around and head back home at every mile. The other brain decided at every mile I could go just a little farther. That second brain won and I felt strong. It was a peaceful run all alone. I pushed my body to charge the hills. And reminded myself not to feel lazy when I ran down them. You ran up the damn thing Susan, you are allowed to run down now!

On this route I always look forward to seeing my favourite tree. Being cooped up in my house for so long I had not noticed all the leaves had fallen off most of the trees. And my favourite tree with half its body orange and its other half red had withered all its colour and leaves as well.

Running in the winter is a lot different than running in the summer. Everything is cold and new challenges are born. Waking up is not as fun and running seems to be more of a job. The only thing that keeps me going right now is passion.

I realized it is not the marathon that keeps me going. I have gotten sick of “training”. I just go running to run and have fun, not because I feel forced to because of the idea of finishing a marathon. That thought could be the death of my love and passion.


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