Welcome back

I am welcoming myself back. Back into the world of blogging and in running.

There are days that we feel start us over, on a path with a better perspective. And today is that day for me. Though, I feel I have a lot of those days.

Running has brought me humility and compassion. More than I thought I had before. I had a bad day at work and when I reflect on why, I can only come to the conclusion that it all comes down to my attitude. If I have a shitty attitude then everything around me is going to seem shitty.

I can always start over. Its just another day to learn and to grow.

After not running for a week I feel different. Like life is too easy. HAHA. Perhaps I like pain. No, no that’s not it. I gauge my life by the challenges I have set up for myself.

I ran three miles on Monday, which marked the end of my six days without running. Skipped to Friday (yesterday) for a planned 17.6 mile run on the Oceanside bike trail that parallels the 76 highway. Made it 12 miles. Man oh man that 12 mile point.


I have been introduced to my own version of a stalemate. I have not been able to get passed 13 miles so far. Yesterday at mile nine my knee…I think or the ligaments in the back of the knee…started to throb with the most pain I have ever, ever felt because of running.

I pushed through all the way until mile 12 and I just could not go any farther. So we hitched a ride 5 miles away from our car from a cool hippie guy from Hawaii.

All day my knee or wherever the pain is stemming from has been on fire. So after work I went on a short three miler and iced it right after. It feels pretty good so far.

Just gotta push through the initial pain to let it get back to normal.


One thought on “Welcome back

  1. Leanne @princessandthejog December 2, 2013 / 1:26 am

    I like your *keep pushing* attitude you are adopting. Glad to see your back! Sending prayers for health in your knee.

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